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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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The Salvation Army WYStepUp Image

The Salvation Army WYStepUp


The State of Wyoming’s standing for women going into and back into prison (Recidivism) has increased dramatically in the past 10 years. While most states are improving Wyoming is headed in the opposite direction. Statistically, the percentages of women returning to prison is staggering compared to the Nation. One of the reasons for this is a lack of programs that work to address this serious issue that impacts all our community.

The Salvation Army WYStepUp Program will address this issue by providing help to unaccompanied/single women who are struggling to become self-sufficient due to criminal background. The focus of this program will be to help women find strength within themselves, their community, and in their approach to life through Life and Spiritual Development classes while living in a structured environment so that, as a whole they have a better chance to integrate back into a healthier way of life and become self-sufficient.

  • Primarily, the program is strategic planned for unaccompanied /single women, paroling out of prison into this program and for women who are currently heading into prison because of their criminal history. 

  • The Salvation Army’s facilities at The Hope Center will provide a central coordination point for other agencies, while The Salvation Army will provide basic needs of program, case management, housing, and nutrition for Participants along with, Life and Spiritual Development in collaboration with other helping agencies.


 “The Salvation Army WYStepUp program has help me to find value in myself again, providing the tools I need to be successful” - J

J’s criminal history had held her chained to a life full of struggles with employment, housing and loss of hope that things could be different. She needed a place that would give her the time, help, and a chance to find value in herself and hope again. A way out of that dark cycle of destruction and into a better way for her life. She finally found her way out as she stepped into The Salvation Army WYStepUp Women’s Transitional Living Program. J’s obtained a full time job, stable affordable housing and is looking to go back to school. She volunteers her time giving back to our Casper Community by helping other women to find hope again.


"Trying to overcome my past is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I am very grateful for everything The Salvation Army WYStepUp program has done to help me find my way forward in healthy ways and find the strength and stable in myself to not repeat my past."


'The WYStepUp program gave me a home and family to come back to, and encouragement I needed to hear to believe in myself again. The staff helped me see my potential, and strive to achieve a better direction for my life. I want to thank The Salvation Army and let others know how grateful I am to be where I am and share with others how life can be different.'


To learn more about this program please contact us

Major Trish Simeroth

Program Director

phone (307) 234-2002 Ext 6512


Keisha Glover

Case Manager 

phone (307) 234-2002 Ext 0704

A little change can make a big difference.

Our hope is to work with our community to help women become self-sufficient, so they can give back to the community instead taking from it or continuing in a life of dependency or co-dependency.

Thank you for the Support



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